Store of Liveries

Hello everybody✋.

As you can see The title, everyone here want own livery, Why are there not be a store of liveries as well to enable everyone to choose the livery they want and enjoy it. Like other simulation.

Developers can also participate in the expansion of the scope of fans.

What do you think about this, Leave your comments below about this.

I am bad at the explanation

I think this is a good idea. My be groups like aerosoft could form for IF .

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You mean like a place to download them in-app? Who’ll do the liveries?


Yes it is true this is what I mean, Can people qualified to make the liveries and put them in website , and we can download it from the website or store. This is permitted and legal.

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thanks, Yes, this is what I want.

So you’re basically asking for user created liveries? Surely that’s been requested before.


Nope not users, i mean devs doing that liveries and we can download it from store or website, and this. 100% legal

Seems like a neat idea on the surface but has the potential for issues with FDS essentially having to become moderators. It’s a good can of worms to leave be.


If he qualified why not.

And who will be making said liveries? Because there a lot more than just 10 liveries out there

Don’t think I fully understand your idea. Why do we need to download the liveries the devs have created from a store or website? We already have a download function in the app.

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Each idea is to ease pressure on the current developers. that’s what I mean @Henrik

is it like the camuflage store from call of duty? Like where people can upload their liveries and then othe people can download it? Is this your idea?
If then i like it.
But there must be moderators for supervising that there aren´t offensive liveries

This is exactly what I mean.

Yes should be there supervisors and observers for this.

If this is what you mean, this is what @Henrik also mentioned. There’s a topic about that over here.

Community Livery Creation Program?