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Hello. I was having some issues with the global server due to the lack of storage space on my iPad Air 2. I have 16GB yes really small with all the apps you cannot delete with infinite flight and IFA as well as no photos to have maximum storage for infinite flight. Recently infinite flight has massively grown in storage size and is becoming a huge issue for me because this is my only infinite flight device. Is there any tips / tricks to help me reduce storage of infinite flight?

I would suggest deleting all unnecessary replays. That usually saves a fair amount of storage for me. I used to play IF on an iPhone 6 with 16GB. Sometimes deleting apps you don’t use helps.

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Temporary storage can come in 2 main ways:

  • Scenery and airports

  • Replays

Scenery and airports can be deleted by going into Settings > General > Clear Scenery Cache.

Replays can be deleted very easily in the replay section off the app, and is a great and easy way to reduce storage.

Aircraft and liveries can also be removed temporarily and will re-download as they are needed in multiplayer sessions and of your own use, but this would require a re-installation of the app.

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I’d suggest reinstalling the app entirety from time to time, as aircraft, which you can’t uninstall unless you’re uninstalling the whole app, can take up a whole lot of space when you have enough downloaded, especially the newer ones. I believe Philippe - aka the Co-Founder of IF - said that a livery on new aircraft can take up as much as 80MB, and that’s just one livery!


Deleting replays is a good way to save on some space. Be sure to save off ones you need to keep to an external site like google drive or icloud.

Any time you reinstall the space will be used again if you fly at a busy airport because those planes now have to download. If you are severely low on space a suggestion is to avoid high traffic areas or you can fly with your airplane count set to none to not download those planes. (Make sure your airplane boxes is turned on though or you run the risk of going through another plane and possibly get a violation)


Liveries and Aircrafts is taking up space. You delete them by reinstall the app, but that will delete your replays

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