Storage space recording

Hey guys!

I was recording a vid for my new YouTube!
I was done the first part that was 1 hour of recording, and my phone storage when from like 15/32 GB to like 22/32 GB
That should only take up like 500MG

What is going on?

Well hey there when your recording on your device depends on how long the video is the more storage it will take up

I know that, but i recorded a 1 hour long, and i took up many GB
and that is not supost to happen, that is WAY to many for just 1 hour recording @BritishAirways001

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Well thats true what device were you using?

iphone 7

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Well I don’t know if this will help but when you edit the video it might not take up space or you can delete it when your done with it

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ok! will do that!

Are you able to confirm how big the exact video file is in the “Review Personal Videos” section in settings?

Also, what is the frame rate of the video?

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ok, i checked, it was around 5.5 GB
and around 40FPS

Alright, I have had screen recordings take up around that much storage in the past. For a rough reference, a typical 1080p video at 30fps filmed with the stock camera app will take up about 7.8 GB of storage for 1-hour of recording on an iPhone 6.

What I have found when screen recording on my iPad is that, the more storage I have available, it records a video with better quality, a higher frame rate, and the more storage it will take up as a result. As my storage goes down, the quality of the recording goes down, the frame rate goes down, and the less storage it will take up. I filmed a 4-second video the other day and it was over 10 MB, and that’s just 4-seconds.

That’s just my findings on my personal device but the same thing could be happening to you here in this case.

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ok makes sense!
is there anyway to turn it down in the first place?

No there is not at the moment as far as I’m aware.

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Same here. I was shocked because the other night I tried recording my whole flight from Philippines to Rome but when I woke up, my ipad just stopped recording. Will there be a an option for a lesser storage consumption

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