Storage space questions.

Hello, I just have a couple questions that have been really been causing problems on the game for me. It could possibly be just my phone, but If it is the app, I would like to know if theres anyway to fix some of my problems I’m having in the game.

I was recently doing a flight from Gran Canaria, to Madrid, the app had warned me that my space was low, I was going to try and find a solution after my flight was done. 2 hours later I was almost done my flight, I was on short final at Madrid International Airport and suddenly, my phone crashed, I figured it was because I was almost out of space like the app had warned me, (my phone is only 16 GB) It was still quite annoying though after a 2 hour flight. I checked my storage to see of there was anything I could delete, well it turns out that Infinite Flight takes up 5 GB of space on my phone which when 7 GB of “System” is taking half your storage up, that is a lot. I have a couple questions about the app and anything I can do to fix this if there’s a solution in the app, if anyone could respond whether with good or bad news that would be really helpful!

  1. Infinite Flight takes 5 GB of space on my phone, is this normal? If not, what can I do to fix that?

  2. If there is a way to fix it, how or what do I do?

If I could get any response that would really help me out! Thanks! :)

  1. Yes its normal, my if on my phone takes around 5,5GB
  2. Download clean master to clear junk files or unneccesary files… it will clear up around 400-500 mb, but try to get micro sd so you can move some of your content to your micro sd card

That’s a normal amount of space in my experience. My best advice is to restart your phone prior to a flight, especially one that’s 2+ hours.

I got a warning about my space aswell and my device is 128GB and I’m only using about 50. I restarted the phone and I haven’t seen the warning since then.

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The aircraft is what takes the most space due to the crazy amount of liveries we offer. We do have a few ideas about how to improve this so it doesn’t take as much space but it will take time.


This is possibly referring to RAM(random access memory) this is what the game uses to help render aircraft and textures during gameplay. This is likely to be 256mb to about 2gb for most devices. Remaining storage won’t affect this. When IF notices you are above x% of total ram usage it gives you a warning to say approach max storage at the top of the screen. I think this is what you are referring too?

Yeah it probably is. Although I have 2GB of RAM so it shouldn’t be a problem but as I said, I’ve only encountered the warning once so I’m not that worried about it. It could have been that I had a lot of apps running in the background simultaneously or something.

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I had it appear once( also 2gb ram) and was like ehhh that shouldn’t happen and then realised I had about 100 tabs open!

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Yea, that seems about right. Takes up around the same on my device.

Thanks for replying, that’s understandable, if I clear the cache in the game settings would that improve anything?

Anuthing that hepls! Take as much time as you need…😀

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