Storage Space for Infinite Flight

  • How much space does Infinite Flight take on your device?

I think its around 90MB the app itslef

12 GB for me. I have Pro so that might make a difference. I also fly a lot so the replays take up quite a lot of space.

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Wait isnt it like 90MB?

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Maybe the app by itself. But I’m sure that 19.2 added like 30-40 MB to the app.

The app itself is 90mb, but the livery’s and planes are taking a lot of space.

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14.03GB for me


Idk the space that it takes up but I know it takes a lot that my iPad want to kill me

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About 10GB for me

7,6 GB for me (iPhone 8)

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67.9mb which is so small, they’re saying adding clouds and all that will make the app bigger I think

It all depends how much you fly and your replays. IF downloads the scenery to the device as it needs it and that’s under the documents and data. If you fly in only California you’ll only use about 1gb of storage but if you fly the world like me you’ll easily get up to 30gb

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