Storage goes up when you play

My storage goes up everytime I play the game even I delete the replay or cache, please help

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Planes will be downloaded as they are needed, like when you fly into a busy airport.

Clearing cache/replays do not remove stored plane files. Replays take up a lot of space but it is advised that you have at least 1gb of free storage space before installing Infinite Flight.

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When I downloaded the game I had 5gb left

Yes, the planes will take up additional storage as you fly. Replays will also take up storage. You can delete replays if they are no longer needed.

Delete the replays you dont want in your replay list. The list tells you how large each file is

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If you would like too. You can reinstall Infinite Flight. Just make sure that you back up the replays you would like to keep.

This is obvious. New scenery and aircraft along with liveries are downloaded whenever you start a new flight. Along with this the replay is also saved and this increases the storage. So clear scenery caches and delete replays if you want to reduce the space taken by IF

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