storage consumption

When I downloaded the game on the AppStore I was impressed for the space the game took up, which listed 150 mb, now as a question I have come to wonder why the game takes up 4 GB this is really annoying as I have no storage space left. I want to understand why there isn’t a feature to uninstall aircraft, I didn’t choose to download 50% of the aircraft but the game automatically did. I am disappointed at this very stupid feature. Can you add a way to uninstall aircraft?

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So the game takes up that much space due to the aircraft as you said. The automatic downloads are from when you have to render the other aircraft in live. This method means that an uninstall feature would be a little pointless


Lowering the settings after reinstalling may avoid installing the textures for aircraft you see on live. If not look online for ways to make your device clear some Un needed storage. I usually click to rent a movie on the iTunes Store and it clears it but only if you haven’t got enough storage to download. Google for more info or PM me.

I guess, but I don’t understand how it takes up 4 gigs… wtf?

Most likely the graphics and details of the aircrafts, combined with the number of liveries that type of aircraft actually has.

Btw, let’s keep this civilized.

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