Stopwatch/seconds in time formats

I would like to request that a stopwatch feature be added at some point to IF,
I think it might be great idea and could add a little more realism to IF. Specially in timing turns when in holds or doing any sort of procedure that require timing.

If not though, maybe the flight time format could include seconds as well?

Any opnions out there?

Very simple and handy idea. I will vote for this. It is also nice to be able to time your flights, and use it to make flying more realistic.


Or use an actual stopwatch…?


I thought of that, but id like to see it on the bottom bar…


Would be useful for both holds and patterns.

It’s not like having a stopwatch is going to speed up the hold. Also , we kind of have this as the “flight time” feature on the bottom bar, although it isn’t as precise as a stopwatch.

Here’s a simple solution. Use the stopwatch feature on another electronic device, or go to your local thrift store and buy a stopwatch. ⌚️📱


That’s not why he’s asking. You use a stopwatch to time hold legs.

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He’s saying that you could use the time to determine when you should turn in a hold because IRL controllers can assign a time on your hold legs.

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Oh, did not know that. A stopwatch would be useful if that were to be implemented, but for now I don’t see any use for it. You can always use a stopwatch on a computer/other device if needed.


The focal length of the oval for the hold shown on the pilot’s RADAR increases or decreases in size to meet the 1 min pattern. Following the line is your stopwatch.

Also, I can’t imagine needing to know my flight time was 1:25:43 rather than 1:25 for more than maybe 5 seconds. After that, what do I do with that information? Honest question: what is the value added there?


Great idea! If that is added, I wouldn’t have to use my iPhone as my stopwatch when flying with my iPad.

You people who don’t think this makes sense are missing the point.
If I wanted better sounds, I could mute my iPad and play real sounds from youtube. If I wanted global, I could fly over water in an IF region and just have a picture of terrain on my desk next to my ipad. But these are all features we want the devs to directly add, rather than us using external means to gain the same effect. It isn’t the same using a watch / phone because that takes the realism of being able to interact with it on the plane. Instead of using Infinite Flight, why don’t I just sit in a cardboard box, add paper wings to the side, and pretend that a large pretzel is my joystick? But it’s not the same…

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Small add on, if not a slight tweak to the app. Not asking for a whole lot.
Stopwatches or even having the added seconds to time formats, could be useful for many things, like imaginary equipment failures, practicing holds without ATC, whether they are missed approach holds, published holds or what not. Just more added realism to our imaginations!

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In the airbus cockpit there’s a sound “TIME MARKER” when the stop watch expires. I’d like to have it if this comes with it.


I have never really felt the need for this.
Perhaps this is because I am wearing a watch with a stopwatch built-in.

If IF gets a built-in atopwatch, when and how would you use it?

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A stopwatch feature for what? I’m confused