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Howdy! I am looking for a flight that is about 7-8 hours going and then around 9 ish hours coming back. I am going to fly to the destination (preferably in America) sit on the ground for around two hours and board more cargo and passengers, and then head back as my overnight flight. I was doing hnd-lax-hnd, but due to bad connection it was terminated. Now connection is back. I am ready for suggestions! I already checked out Flight suggestions, and also I would like the flight to land in the US first so I can sit in the US. Preferably a larger airport. Thank you!😁

Well you can do YSSY-WSSS which is about 8 hours and then countinue to EGLL from WSSS… (its a real world flight opertaed by BA…)

True, but the second leg is too long.

Then check this out ^

I did already

You could fly KJFK-LFPG then LFPG-KMIA

Or since you wanted to land in America then I guess you could go LFPG to KJFK then maybe somewhere in Europe

Well I want to have realism and do the same route back but the other way. I would also like it to land in America first so I could deplane in America.

Oh you want to do the same route back

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Yea. Sorry if I sounded harsh😉

LFPG-KJFK? Then back

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NTAA-KLAX-LFPG with the Air Tahiti Nui 787-9
YMML-WSSS-OMDB with the Emirates 777-300ER

Will be back for more

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NZAA-WADD-OMDB with the Emirates 777-300ER
WMKK-RJBB-PHNL with the Air Asia X A330-300

Thanks for all the help! I think I’m going to do PPT-LAX-CDG

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Almost all routes departing from the US East Coast to Frankfurt take around 7-8hrs back to Europe and 8-9hrs to the US.

There’s also

RJAA-WSSS with the Delta 767-300ER Which you could start from KPDX
KJFk-DIAP-HAAB with the Ethiopian 787-8

I recomend you one of my favorites EGLL To KIAH about 8 hours and half

KJFK-LIMC-OMDB with the Emirates A380

I’m doing the PPt-LAX-CDG route. Thanks for suggestions! However I have one question. What airline should I take: Air France or Air Tahiti nui

  • Air Tahiti
  • Air France

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