Stop with the crazy challenges

So recently there has been an influx of crazy challenges. Some of the most recent are Flying from every single airport in IF, Flying to every single airport in FR24,
Flying the A220 for 24 hours, and Flying to every country’s capital.

From what I’ve seen these topics are mainly just for likes. Maybe, maybe the OP actually does it but the chances aren’t likely. There are some users such as @iidvdii who have actually been able to do crazy things such as this and accomplish it. Unless you have an actual drive and will to accomplish the challenge then don’t post about it. If you manage to complete it then people will comment things such as “nice job” or “can’t believe you did this”. Yeah, it’s a nice feeling but is it really worth the amount of time and dedication you put into completing the challenge? Maybe the person is just doing it for likes. I’ve been there. You do something crazy hoping you can get something out of it. Maybe you want the “Great Topic” badge.

I just want you to heed my warning. Whatever you want to get out of the challenge. Whatever you want to gain. It’s not worth it. If you read @Guxk’s topic about controlling for 27 hours straight .

Here is a direct quote from that topic. “Please please please DO NOT try and stay up for this long doing anything. 27 hours is long enough by itself, but 27 hours concentrating on ATC can become very tedious very quickly. However long you think 27 hours is, double it- that is how much energy you will have to put into this. It is not healthy in any way and could lead to serious side effects.”
As you can see, Guxk severely advises against doing crazy challenges. Now, I realize that this was ATC and thus is a bit more demanding but still, Gux was able to explain why this is bad and you shouldn’t do it.

Finally, these type of topics are just clogging up the forum. They could possibly be very bad for your health, and they aren’t worth doing it.
I hope you can heed my warning and this is the end of crazy challenges.


I say let them do it. If it’s bad for them, they’ll only do it once 😜


Yes exactly

Your not wrong. I just think that it might be better if they don’t do it at all and they don’t get hurt

If they wanna do it, they can. If they don’t, then don’t.

Calm down, If people wanna do it they do it. I know my limits to my health and i dont suggestion doing 12h + straight. But ones like my one u can do at your own pace.


12+hr would make sense if you do put it on autopilot and do other things.

One of the nice things about Infinite Flight is the way it opens the entire world for flying. People are going to want to challenge themselves to explore the whole place, but I have to agree with the original post here: It’s probably better to post once you’ve completed your challenge than it is to post at the beginning.

Show people what you’ve done, not what you might do.

Here’s the most impressive example I’ve seen so far. If I remember correctly this got the pilot featured on Infinite Flight’s socials!