Stop with the "Copying" rule

As everyone knows, when someone has “copied” a topic, or repeated it in another post, that automatically gets shut down, because we can’t have two of one topic. Well, so what? If two of the same topic are posted, and one is older and hasn’t had any activity in a while, just let the new one be. It will show interest from people who haven’t seen the topic before, and expands on the previous one. There is literally no harm done. I know that this is a bit extreme, but it’s just my opinion on it. I’m getting sick of this happening to me when I’m just trying to express my interests and feelings.


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That’s great you want to contribute and have your opinions heard. The forum needs some type of structure though so people don’t have to search 10 topics of the same variety to reach their answer.


I respectfully disagree with you. Here are a few reasons:

  • There would be tons of different topics about the same stuff

  • it wouldn’t add to a topic’s good discussion (which could possibly have some great ideas if you read it) and would start it all over

  • Also, if your worried about newer people/people who haven’t seen that topic before, comment on the original one, then it will bump it back to the top!


It’s for the sake of keeping it organized. Having 6 different topics on Global Flight can get confusing. Just keep it all in one place.


I object to what you’re saying. The rule is there for a reason as pretty much everyone in this topic has said. It’s for organization.


We do actually do this sometimes if you guys haven’t noticed already. If a duplicate is posted and the old thread hasn’t had a reply for ages, doesn’t meet the new formats or is generally a bit ‘rubbish’, we will close the old one and allow the new one to take its place.

I tend to do it on a case by case basis as it is hard to get a solid criteria on when to close the new thread or old thread. Seems to be working thus far.

However, as with your circumstance, the duplicates posted have been very very obvious, and the old threads have still been active enough that they do not need to be closed. If you have clearly not searched before posting, we are likely to just close your new thread regardless.


I certainly have ;)

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I understand your objection, it’s just that I’m getting tired of being put down by people on things that i really want to talk about. Do you know how it feels to just be told flat out, “Duplicate” and then a second later that same person closes the post? It hurts.


You should always search first to see if there isn’t a similar topic.

@MishaCamp many have had some problems with the search function, in which they search, but can’t come up with any results.


It all comes down to this, organize organize organize


We are aware. However we do expect people to search more than once. A good topic is a researched and thorough one. If you know the different keywords acronyms around your topic, you should have no issue funding a duplicate (:


I guess, this helps keeping track of what has already been said about the subject. Mods are cool with that rule


Period. 😏

But on a serious note, just because we may close old topics sometimes, it doesn’t give you a right to post a topic without searching and expect us to be fine with it. In fact, it is probably best to ask us if you want to post a new topic if you believe the older duplicate meets the vague criteria I stated before.


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I’m kidding ;), I’m surprised that this topic is still alive.

Coping another’s topic basically starts filling up the forum on one subject, it’s annoying and would be hard to manage.

Everyone is entitled to express an opinion (:


There isn’t another option, to it, or else everything will fall into chaos. What do you want the mods to say when they see a duplicate thread other than “duplicate”? Now, if you don’t mind me dispensing some unsolicited advice: Get used to staff giving standardized replies as they don’t have time for customized answers. If you think the IF Community forum page hurts your feelings, then don’t go anywhere else on the internet, this is one of the friendliest places already.

They’re not being personal and it’s definitely not a personal attack on you. It’s just routine clean-up. If you want to talk about something, search for a topic first.

Mods, apologies for the double posting, didn’t want to edit something else in on the prev. post, not entirely ethical.


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