Stop with "Check in" when you're going to ask for approach anyway!

Yes is true but not many people know that in IF ,FF is asked when you want to flight your FLP.

I will be honest that I sometimes do this. So thank you very much for making this topic, you have one less person to worry about!

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This can all be solved by simply changing about 3 commands when pilots initially contact Departure / Approach / Center

it happens so because commercial planes dont fly without any reason or just going out on a sunday morning after breakfast … unlike general aviaition

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That has nothing to do with it it’s about IFR and VFR. Commercial aircraft fly IFR, so requesting a VFR service isn’t something they do. A GA can also fly IFR as well as VFR. And by commercial I mean airliners. There are charters out there that fly VFR.


I may create a new topic to discuss when to use the various contact options.

As a reminder, this topic was created as a plea to people that check in with a FP, then immediately afterwards, ask for ILS or radar vectors to the airport on their flight plan. It may not sound like much, but when it’s busy, it puts an unnecessary burden on the ATC, who may barely be keeping his head above water!

So once again, if you are going to ask for one of the vectored services, don’t check in first!


why is the option there, also why controllers feel the need to control every aspect of the flight including 50nm away

I’m going to create another topic to discuss when to use the various radar controller contact options… but first I’m going to get feedback from the real world ATC’s and pilots in the IFATC team. Standby for that.


Because when we leave it up to the pilots it turns into the training server.


If it’s not busy, I’m perfectly happy to let pilots fly their flight plans! But let’s be honest… if the region has 30 or more planes, and approach opens up, everyone flocks to that airport. So if you’re one of the flock, be prepared to have your requested service changed to ILS.

So… If you want to fly your flight plan, pick a destination airport that’s less busy.

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I’ll pass this feedback onto the developers… I think a better approach (😏) would be to combine the two:

San Diego Approach, SWA1 with you, requesting ILS approach runway 27/GPS/Radar Vectors

That gives it a more realistic sound and also combines transmissions to expedite the flow of traffic.


With this will be great!thanks Tyler!

FYI… just created this topic…

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Whats the point of the button? It has no purpose or atleast not that I know of…

What button are you referring to?

The “check in” button… Obviously

Look at the new topic I created (link a few msgs above)

Good point! I never knew this, but seeing it from the controllers standpoint does make it make more sense. 🙂

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I never check in. I always ask for vectors after change to the approach frequency 😉

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