Stop Trying to Find a Loophole to No Patternwork Allowed

There is no loophole.

It doesn’t matter if you ask for flight following, ILS, RV, VFR, Visual all in succession, they’re all the same endgame and they’re all duplicates even if the wording is a little different.

When you took off, patternwork was not available for a reason. The approach controller knows Tower isn’t accepting patterns. The departure controller knows Tower isn’t accepting patterns. Bouncing around the frequencies does not change a thing.

The denial of entry message means go somewhere else. it does not mean “hover around interfering with every other inbound making the same request that was already denied four times every 30 seconds.”

No patternwork is not fungible. It means your destination will not be your location of departure, so get over it and go somewhere else.


great work tonight operating ALL channels Tim!!! Pleasure as always!!


I have seen this happening literally most days since the ATIS was tweaked so you couldn’t request ‘remaining in the pattern’ with your takeoff request when the ATIS said ‘No Pattern Work Allowed’

Thanks @Tim_B, hopefully this will clear some things up


Thank you for mentioning that.

And by the way: for every pilot thinking turning out and in into tower allows you to land again, no. I can still see the commands issued before you logged out.


This needed to be addressed. Hop in the 172 take off and fly vfr out away 2 or 3 rings then do some stalls and spins and slow flight and spin recovery. It’s more fun than you think.

Tim great job you always clear something up it puts a smile on my face!

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Thank you Tim. I was about to make a post like this, but being IFATC, I didn’t know if I was allowed. This exact thing happens so often. E.g: yesterday, I was controlling NZAA in Expert. Bunch of pilots requested inbound after hovering over the airspace while pattern work was not allowed. It should not be so hard to understand, and even easier when the controller tells you that pattern work is not allowed.

Believe it or not, interfering with inbounds and spamming the frequency with inbound requests when you have already been asked to change frequency and that pattern work is not allowed, it is a reason for being ghosted. We want to prevent that :)

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