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As a lot of people may know there are hundreds of people using this website, it’s growing hugely and that’s great, but I do find that are some, not a lot but some members browse the website to just criticise members on there threads and opinions.

Criticising is allowed if the thread is insulting or has wanted some criticising to it, that’s the time to, but it’s not nice to see some members dedicate there lives to criticising threads.

It’s annoying and quite insulting to some memebers.


There are a lot of people who criticize, but that’s not always a bad thing:
It’s ok to give constructive criticism to ideas like,
“I feel this idea would be better if you change this”
Rather than to criticize just to criticize like,
“This is a terrible idea/I don’t like this idea”

If you see anything that is offensive to you or another,
flag it! We have great moderators who can handle it:)

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Yea I understand completely you’re point matey, I’m talking about the bad criticising, I do know that good criticising is fine but some people just get nasty.

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I don’t know if this is stemming from a specific incident or just a general comment. If you feel something is offensive or rude; shouldn’t be on the forum, flag it!


Mostly a “request” for those who do, to stop. Hopefully they see this thread.

No white flag just yet👍

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image More people use this (or have used it) than most think. This is the all time number of accounts registered.

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No it is not. If it is insulting flag it and move on with your life and let us deal with it.


I understand your point but its just that people dont know the differences in critisism and negativity. So much for calling it a community