Stop the crazy on the Training Server

I know a lot of people have asked about this - but there has got to be some way to curb the crazy on the playground server - especially now that a lot of us level 3 guys who flew on the advanced server now have to use the playground.

The other day I was flying and countless planes completely ignored the ATC instructions - did whatever they wanted. I watched three planes take off from the grass while I waited for ATC to clear me - it is out of control.

Then today I was ATC at KNUC and finally just quit - I think only 5 planes out of the twenty or so that went through the airport listened to any ATC instructions. Had a couple of grass take offs - one pilot who was listening had to go around because five planes waiting in line got impatient and took off all at once. I’m also noticing more and more players not switching frequencies when asked. I had a couple who were landing at my airport. Asked them multiple times to contact the tower and they ignored it and landed without ever changing frequencies.

I understand that this is a game - but it is getting to the point that it is no longer enjoyable and I am considering not renewing my live subscription next month.

There has to be someway to punish pilots who seriously do not listen at all and do what they want. I reported a couple of pilots when I was flying but when I looked at their records I saw that this one pilot had about 200 flights and 600 violations! I mean can’t we say that if your violations exceed the number of flights you’ve done you are kicked off of the playground server and banished to the casual server.

Or can we at least put in a report function for all ATC controllers - not a ghosting function - but the same reporting function all pilots are given - that way we can at least flag the trouble makers and let the mods deal with them.

Sorry but I am really annoyed right now - and it is sad that Infinite Flight is going down hill with crappy players.


Short answer: you can’t. That’s why its called training server now.


This is like asking a preschool to calm down


You can’t do anything against it,

fly advanced


It’s called expert not advanced

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I agree the crazy is for free flight

Working on it. I was able to fly advanced when we had different rating systems but now I’m downgraded to level two. :-(

Same, I need 1000 xp for grade 3 again

First off there is no playground server anymore as it’s known as the training server. Secondly there is really nothing we can do about the way people act on this server. There are a ton of other topics relating to this issue. If your looking for a more professional flying experience use the expert server. If you don’t have enough XP due to the last update I recommend pattern work or airport hopping.

This is why we have multiple servers.

MaxSez: Grade #3 use the “Report User” function. 3 simultaneous reports=👻

(Report User Button is located on the Chart Screen. Touch the violated aircraft icon. Note the Report User button at the bottom of the tab)


We constantly monitor behavior and tweak server rules based on that. While some sessions might not be enjoyable due to other pilots not following the rules, things have actually improved quite a bit when looking at the actual overall data.

In such an environment it is impossible to satisfy everybody and there will always be ppl who just don’t care about rules (same thing happen IRL on the road…)

As other mentioned, the Expert server is where it is at; it is also why it is harder to get to.


I have noticed lately that the atc on TS1 has become way better and there are a lot less people who break the rules. Occasionally there are the people that break the rules, but the only thing we can do is to report them and hope 2 other people report that person resulting in a ghosting

In my opinion I see a lot more crazy pilots on TS1 here is example I am cleared to land and I see this guy incoming traffic he was taking off from the other side how is this possible from the ATC and Grade 1 pilot at KLAX

Another one flying 800ft from the sea when 10nm from the runway

Expert server, guys.


hahaha you just made my day

I was ATC Ground and Tower at KPSP today and yesterday. It’s really annoying when you pass on an ATC instruction such as a specific Runway to land or depart on and the person doesn’t listen. You try to keep order using Larger Aircraft on 31L and keeping 31R for GA and then all of a sudden a SR22 lands off on 31L (without permission) and an A380 takes off (without permission) on 31R. And then that A380 decides to troll you by flying around KPSP at 1 ft AGL and that SR22 decides to spin off the runway in 360s into the terminal. Then a random 747 decides that 300kts is a suitable landing speed (without permission) before crashing, re spawning and taking off in the opposite direction (without permission) into the path of oncoming departing traffic that has been cleared! Honestly, there is no point being ATC is everyone just ignores you and does their own thing. Especially using the grass as taxiways, that really gets on my nerves :(


See what I mean then someone decides to post frozen song here no wonder…

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Yeh wtf is that doing here

The message is the same. Let it go, or fly Expert.