Stop requesting airlines that we already have on several aircraft

Alright the reason I’m saying this is because I see people requesting airlines that we already have on several aircraft . For example some people may be requesting a delta on 737-700 . We already have several delta aircraft. Not everyone wants the same airline on every aircraft. Share the airline love and let airlines that are only on one aircraft or not on any, get some respect and get put on a few aircraft. A lot of people on features are requesting airlines such as American quantas, delta and other airlines that already own lots of aircraft in the game. Not everyone wants to be flying delta and American when global comes out. They want to fly airlines of all varieties in the game. Planes I’m talking about are Uzbekistan airlines or whatever it’s called, some more Hawaiin aircraft, Aerlingus, Etihad, S7, Virgin Australlia, and many more. I hate when every one wants Delta and British airways and other popular airlines to be in every single aircraft in the game. It’s like spamming the same move in a game. Let other airlines get noticed. Now sorry if my grammar is bad, I am in a rush because I have to go somewhere but I hope you understand. And if this is a duplicate my bad.

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People are free to request what they please as long as it isn’t a duplicate (: