Stop Racing on the Taxiway!

I’ve recently noticed a problem on the advanced server and it needs to be addressed.

Let me put it into a hypothetical situation. I push back from EDDL and I’m getting myself ready for a taxi. Another player, let’s say American 1 in this situation. American 1 is a few gates down from me and pushes back as well. Once I do my ailerons and rudders tests and such, I request taxi to the runway and AA1 does the same. I slowly make my way to the first intersection that leads to the main taxiway, parallel to the departure runway, and here comes AA1 speeding by my left side going 35kts, while I’m going a realistic 20kts. I begin to turn towards the intersection of the main taxiway and AA1 cuts in front of me, rather than giving way to me. Once he’s in front of me he slows down and taxis at a realistic speed.

It seems to only be the pilots who have the lower XP value and are new to the advanced server (aka nimrods). I expected advanced to have professional pilots and not people like this. Have you guys ever experienced this recently on live, especially the advanced server?

To all the advanced server pilots, especially nimrods: Do NOT race someone to a ruwnay, it looks unrealistic and you’re likely to rack up a violation for overspeeding. It’s annoying and I’m getting fed up by it happening so often. The point of the advanced server is to be as professional as possible. Which is probably why you decided to leave playground and come to advanced, instead.

Thank you.

  • Your Fellow Advanced Server Pilot

Edit: this usually happens when there’s no controller at the airport. It’s like everyone loses their senses!


Always happens if there is no controller it’s like being in school and the teacher isn’t looking!


I’m actually going to add that point

If us advance controllers see it we normally either give a warning and then ghost, but if there is a few of you in the server just report the player and hope other people have done the same!


Is it just me or does it look like everybody uses american as a example…

Once on PG two guys raced on a taxiway while both were going 100 knots. Laurens was there to witness it.

I always report players who do that.

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That’s playground, I’m talking about advanced, where professional pilots roam.

Yes I know, I just had to point it out. On advanced I havent seen this, however many pilots do taxi with a speed of 35 knots.


Not only super fast taxiing is a problem. Whenever there is no controller at a certain airport, everything breaks down. People start racing to be the first to land for example. I was in a situation like this a few weeks ago, I was on final for the runway (Can’t remember which airport and runway). I was flying at 210kt and at an altitude of about 2,000ft. This one guy came in at 250kt and dive bombed in front of me, just to be able to land first!

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I clicked on this post expecting to comment “I am a witness!” and I thought you’d be talking about hawaii about 40 mins ago! The exact same thing happened! Having fought the floating point bug and successfully parked at a gate next to someone who had just pushed back into the gate opposite. I want to normal outside camera view (looking for a nice screenshot for the comp) and saw this A320 (actually was American) accelerate along the ground rapidly. He tried to brake - and was going so fast he was able to use reversers to do so - but he slid right into this poor guy and stopped still INISDE the other plane. Not only did he mess up and speed into him, but he then stopped INSIDE the other guy’s plane. I just said thank-you good day to the controller and left.


It may be annoying to you, but to me, I find it hilarious!

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It’s funny sometimes, but it gets annoying too.


But racing is fun, and I go at 500 mph from pushback to hold short.


I’ve had it happen on a FNF on Advanced once where I was third in line for takeoff, with a few planes behind me. Then, two planes come a a parallel taxiway and barge into the line infront of me so I got to takeoff fifth instead of third. The controller didn’t even get mad. It made me furious.

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This happens to me at least one time a day

Free Flight server, right?


this is something that bothers me so much. This is the worst point in this app. Having a 747 speeding just to pass u on the side taxiway makes me want to throw ipad to the wall.

Wish we could directly ghost this people.

I do too. Best thing now is to report and hope they get reported three times.


agreed. Sorry i sound to hard, but this people takes reality all away in one second. I cant understand the need for getting first, i even love to spot a landing or a take off while waiting my time.

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