Stop pushing the developers

No one have insulted a developer before, just users demanding that all items in IF be free.

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See IF reviews on the App Store for insults.

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Yeah I have seen lots of them, those people doesn’t appreciate the work of others…

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Developers aren’t the only getting insulting and/or mistreated.

In the past couple of weeks, the hatred towards moderators have significantly increased (in my opinion). A lot of members get upset and overreact when a moderator takes a appropriate action. For example:

• Members get (_especially_) frustrated when they close their topic because it is a duplicate or something else. In my personal opinion you guys shouldn't get so mad at them because they're doing their jobs in keeping the forum organized and clean.

• Another one is that they get very mad, when moderators warns them about one of their comments may be inappropriate. These people get so mad that they start insulting them on other chats and they start saying some offensive stuff.

• Moderator actions are appropriate 99.5% of the time. Their actions are to protect you and the 10’000+ members that we have. Also they do it to keep the forum organize and clean.

• Also, it’s useless to get so upset you won’t go anywhere. It’s a fight that you most likely won’t win. So instead of fighting it, accept your mistake and learn from it and change.

• I understand it is frustrating to get your post closed because it was a duplicate or you made a comment that ended up being inappropriate. Nevertheless it doesn’t give you the right to start a fight and insulting.

So please just stop throwing your frustration toward them and learn from it and help other people on the forum not do the same mistake.

Thank you

I’m making it a wiki so regulars can add stuff or correct my terrible English:)


We can deal with crap, don’t worry about it ;)


We pay for it, we request it. It’s the circle of life!

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That’s great that you guys can handle it but still they have to calm down.

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It’s still a pain listening to their complaines about what a wonderful job moderators do for us.

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I critize FDS for making the Dash 8 too damn hard to land.

Have you read the tutorials? That might help you😊The Dash-8 isn’t so hard to land, the only thing that bothers me is the ground effect, but I deal with it.

The only time I can land the Dash 8 is slamming it to the ground or take up half of the runway.

The devs do get a lot of trash thrown at them, but they always respond with an amazing comment on twitter or facebook and make the person look stupid. Don’t listen to the haters devs, keep up the great work!

But technically the devs “work for us” because thats how they make the money. And I haven’t seen any insults lately. I have no idea were you been looking

We do/did say thank you

and many more…


They do but its just that everyone has a right to express their feelings.


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I guess this goes on #meta.
Anyway, instead of making a topic, can’t you flag and send a message to them if you are brave enough? I mean, you can just FLAG it.

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