Stop controlling at SoCal

guys, you in advanced are always opening SoCal now, go to another region, some regions never flown there for a long time in advanced, go to SoFlo, NYC, NC, Paris, KOSH, i think that @SoCal should not be in the next update


We have had Denver open all day, and Hawaii all day yesterday, and Seattle the day before that… and Soflo a few days before that along with London and Singapore.


Yea but they opened SoCal every day the whole last 2 weeks

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SoCal only opens late at night 9 times out of 10. Relax

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I think it’s ok to open SoCal every so-often. It’s not a bad region, but I agree, it’s over used.


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I’ll try my best to persuade my team mates to open another region. We do try to open a new region every so often.

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But to be fair we haven’t opened SoCal for that long.


I was the one who opened SOCAL as I was requested too for an event that was taking place.

We rarely use SOCAL on advanced anymore, it’s normally London, Singapore, Australia or Hawaii, I’d say SOCAL is probably the least one we use out of the bunch when we have over 3/4 facility’s open.


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Thats lying

Persuade them to open SoFlo! I love SoFlo! It’s big and has lots of flight opertunities!


What’s your name on IF when you do ATC I swear I regularly see you controlling?

Guess what, Its advanced, it’s not overused there, they don’t opening to often, I don’t think @stevenwalker109 is lying at all.


It have been used today, yesterday, before , and the one before, since 2 weeks everyday is SoCal

Again it’s a late night thing, this morning we had Paris open, then it’s been Denver for the last How many hours, we try and change it, socal is s lovely region great for a long flight, if anything IFATC hate it when London is opened there’s always “not London again” comments flying everywhere

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Let me play the world’s smallest violin for you.


how do you open a server?

Go into air traffic control and choose the region you want to fly at.

We normally just randomly pick one in IFACT, or if someone fancies opening a region we will, also if there is an event in the region we normally open it and then keep it open too

So what, big deal, it’s a region just like any other one.