Stop asking if an airport is done

I am having an issue lately. We, the Airport editing team, edit airports for fun. For example, I am doing now KMCI. But thats not the point. We spend hours at the computer to make global a enjoyable experience. But I see many comments about people asking if their hometown airport is done yet or if a airport is done. There is a magnififcant topic where we are showing our airports. Much better, there is an issue tracker where you can see the status of your airport. After this beeing said i hope the asking for airports will stop.

P.D.: you also can join the IFAE team if you want



I thought IFAE was for another group and airport editing was referred to as airport editing.

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It takes time to get them done right. I probably started KSMF a year ago and had planned to have it finished by late 2017. That was the plan until someone decided to do it faster. A year of work gone.

Yeah, IFAE is a flying group (Infinite Flight Aviation Experts). There’s a slight confusion between the two since both contain the same letters in the acronym but we are officially called the Infinite Flight Airport Editors. ;)

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I didn’t even join a year ago and you joined after me.

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My memory is a bit hazy, I just know I had my airport given to someone else

We editors don’t hang around. Got to get’em done - crack!!!


Want me to change it to airport editors? ;)

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