Stop asking about Open Beta

You guys. I believe they have made it as clear as possible. Please stop asking about when open beta will be opened. It moves back one hour when someone makes a topic about when it opens. I don’t know when it will open and that is something we will have to find out. Just wait please.


Finally someone said it


It would be ironic if the TL2 requirement was removed in favor of a more private open beta. Just saying, don’t get your hopes up, y’all.


someone said it FINALLY!!! this topic should be pinned lol


Yes it should lol

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To add on, I've seen people create 16 topics a day just for the sake of open beta, and someone got suspended just for open beta. If you're in the PM you'd know that A few people were begged for links to the open beta.

I like to look at general topics, which is why i have them alerted to look at. to me, its the most interesting category. But i think you should be ashamed when you see THIS.


and so many more…

It just makes me disappointed on all levels to see how desperate people are.


Sorry to bothers y’all, but does anyone know how I can access Beta? I think I am TL2.


Check in tommorow for information about open beta. Beta Is Limited.

It’s bound to happen users are excited for the open beta don’t see the problem




Louder for the people in the back please!

Seriously I’m sick of the constant “How do I join open beta” and “how do I get to TL2” posts.

The mods have made it very clear about all this. More info about beta will come in a blog post that will be posted soon. People need to learn to have some patience and to use the search bar a bit before posting. I couldn’t imagine being a mod right now and having to constantly moderate all these topics.

Your joking right?

I think we got it. No more posting about this topic. Just Wait ;)

If u understand then this topic is not for you

The more people keep asking, open beta will turn into closed beta lol.

Just chill, what’s the rush? World is not going to end if you don’t get open beta anyways


People can read the title then move on

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It is unfortunate how many topics are being made about people being desperate for the beta. Don’t get me wrong, I want the beta just as much as any of you do, but being desperate for it and making 1 million topics is not going to help you. Below I have some tips for anyone who may be questioning what’s happening in the beta process.

  1. When the beta is released to you, you will be notified and the topic will be available to you on the IFC.
  2. Please search your question in the search bar on the IFC before asking questions in a new topic to make sure your question has an already been answered.
  3. This one is just for everyone, let’s just keep calm and hopefully these topics will start to die down as everyone gets beta.

Thanks everyone!


Oh. My. Goodness. I am getting a massive headache with people asking about TL2 open beta every 30 minutes. Just stop speculating. Wait until the official announcement…
@CaptainZac well said

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Adding on, open beta is for finding problems, and not getting the new update before anyone else


Thanks for the excitement everyone! We’re really looking forward to letting everyone try our 21.1 Open Beta.

To clarify the status since so many people are asking:
As of this time, Open Beta information has not yet been published. This will be done at some point on Monday 26th April, and all the information you will need will be included in a pinned topic on this forum.

(please feel free to link people to this post to answer these questions)