Stop and Go?

I read that ‘Cleared for the option’ means also cleared for a ‘stop and go’.
A ‘touch and go’ I get, but is it possible to do a real ‘stop and go’ in IF?
I’m talking about commercial jets and not a small Cessna or a fighter.
Are there runways long enough to accommodate a ‘stop and go’?

I’ve read that a ‘stop and go’ could also mean: landing, taxiing back to the beginning of the runway and taking off again. That would take a lot longer though.
‘Cleared for the option’ can’t mean that, can it?

I don’t think it is wise or safe to take off from the middle of a runway.

I put this in #general, because it’s not an ATC question. It also applies to Solo, or where ever you’re flying.


Maybe when landing in the smallest jet and in the light weight configuration. Say the A318 or Cessna Citation X.


Yeah, maybe.

Also applying brakes, max reverse thrust and rudder brake.

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There are long enough runways: KEDW


So getting cleared for a ‘stop and go’ only applies to certain airports?
If so, then it shouldn’t be a standard clearance included in ‘Cleared for the option’, right?

The only way at this point to recreate a stop and go is to be inbound, be cleared to land than request taxi clearence after exiting.

Apart from that, they need the command implemented. :)

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I bet 22 at KJFK is long enough

Relying on a bet in aviation could be really dangerous! ;)


Yeah, but I might try it out

A stop and go does not approve you to land, exit, and taxi back to the active. The entire maneuver is accomplished on the runway.

In most cases there is plenty of runway to do a stop and go on IF. The option itself allows you to do a full stop, touch and go, stop and go, low approach or missed approach. This is where I ask for your consideration. Because we have no way to notify the controller of our intent to do a stop and go, try to reserve it for when you have no one behind you. If you’re the lone pilot doing touch and goes on the runway, give it a shot. Hope this helps! :)

EDIT: In response to the other comments, it can be performed at any airport. Again, you’re the pilots so the decision is yours to make when it comes to how much runway you need. I’ll do stop and goes in the 747-8 at KBFI all day. Get on the brakes and reverse fast and you’ll have plenty of runway left!


Thanks Tyler.
I figured that a ‘stop and go’ was something else than landing, exiting, taxiing and taking off again.
I just read that that would be safer than doing an actual ‘stop and go’ due to the lack of runway length.

I’ve never done a ‘stop an go’, but I’ll definitely try it at KBFI. :)

Thanks for the tip!

If you’re new to stop and goes, KVCV in the Southern Calfornia region would be a great place to start. Nice scenery, long runway and remote!

If it helps, I’m sure our PCM @Mark_Denton could demonstrate! :)


What’s a PCM?

Pilot community manager

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Victoriville? Never been there. Has a bad graveyard vibe. ;)

What about the location the Space Shuttle landed when it was still part of IF?
Those runways are long as well, right?

It is Edwards AFB in socal. Even better, 17/35 is 30000 ft long!

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Yup, you can use 22L/04R at Edwards AFB, KEDW. 15,000ft of runway!


I just did my first ‘stop and go’ at Victorville runway 35. That is a long one!!
Going to try some high speed landings too. Fun!!

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I don’t do stop and goes. I sometimes do touch and goes, but I also like landing, and taxing back tot eh runway and takeoff.

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