Stone sight - SBRJ

In Brazil there is a word that says “earth in sight!” This is what Cabral said when he discovered Brazil.
There is at the SBRJ airport a stone that is between the tracks 20R and 20L. It is seen coming from this direction but you see it coming from direction 02. The fact that it is an important airport and much used by Brazilians but this stone if you land below 300ft crashes causing an accident in landing. and if you try to see what hit it does not appear. Can this be solved? There has never been a rock in this airport especially on these tracks.

This may be an Airport Issue. I recall something similar in the past happening to LaGuardia, only even worse. If you want, you can join the Airport Editing Team to fix this issue.

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No, this has nothing to do with airports. It’s caused by errors in the topography data, which are not going to be solved anytime soon.


what a shame because the landing at this airport is not easy coming in 20R or 20L direction.
I appreciate the explanation

Yes, it’s sad… I designed SBRJ just because of the approach haha
It will eventually be fixed though!

I thank you for the truth … in Brazil the IF is still a bit weak but I have invited the staff to participate with me.
And the creation of this airport is a great call and a huge contribution, thank you very much.

It’s one of my favorite airports because of the challenge it is and the truth is that I really know it well, it’s a very difficult airport.

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