Stolen Brrrt Machine

It was brisk day, at LSGG and for whatever reason there was an A-10 sitting at LSGG and it was scheduled for a flight the of, reason why? Unknown, i found my self looking around the cockpit, nobody insight, so i got in the cockpit and started her up, and here’s that story, the flight wasn’t very long and lasted an hour i explored the mountains and had a blast.

Engines are starting up Atc thinks this is the scheduled flight, whatever happened to the actual pilot remains unknown 😟🤨

Never flown an A-10 before so when tower instructed me to take off i said “Uh tower man, i’ve never actually flown this plane do you know how too?” Tower was confused at first and then realized i stole the plane😧

Here’s me flying over the beautiful mountains, in the stolen A-10 i was enjoying the scenery very much so much so i almost hit a mountain coming within 20 feet of it

Realizing i was about to crash had me think about why i stole an A-10 but then i was like, why wouldn’t i IT’S AN A-10 So it was worth it.🤫

HAHA SIKE YOU ALL THOUGHT I CRASHED🤔 While if i crashed how would i be bringing you this awesome pictures am i right?

Anyway after that scary incident i decided to fly back to LSGG and apologize to atc and the military for stealing a plane and while having the airspace closed down Sorry @Luke_M
After negotiating for 20 minutes atc finally let me do a low pass over runway 22 snap some awesome shots😎

I was then aloud to do 2 T&G’s to make sure when i landed i wouldn’t crash the plane and ruin the runway😑 Any who i snapped a few pictures of the T&G’s

#2 (Final one)

Anyway after my joy flight, i was immediately ripped out of the plane thrown in cuffs and off to prison i went, please don’t tell anyone i have a phone just wanted to share my awesome story with this awesome community 😎🤫🤫

None of this actually happened it’s all made up. The IFATC controller was really good in letting people do pattern work. And this should bring NO negative attention towards them. This story is made up. From a little flight i took in an A-10 and did some pattern work.


Great photos! I loved the story line as well, It made it a lot more interesting…


I like the story line, it’s different. The pictures were great too. But why are you in the Arctic camo(Fairbanks, AK) livery?

@Scandanavian54super thank you🙂 and @PilotDog idk i only stole the plane😂🤫🤫🤫


Haha lol!!

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Ooh, he stealin’! Great photos, that’s a close call though.


thank you and yes yes it was😂👍 and thanks 😎

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Haha, nice story. Stealing an A-10 must’ve been worth it though.

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Very much so😎 Expect i am in prison now and somehow got a phone😂😂 jk lol but it was a blast

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I bet! I love those hazy sunset snaps you got.

Thank you🙂 Expect more when the C172 is released or the A350 my friend 👍


The camo livery looks best…

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especially with the mountains couldn’t agree more🙂👍

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