Stolen Account

Hello I was checking my logbook and I have watched that there are flights that I didn’t do never in my life someone can explain me why are hacking accounts? I need a solucution
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Can you send a screenshot of the flights in your logbook?

Are you aware if anyone else uses your app at home (brother, sister, etc)?

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If you share an Apple ID account this could have linked you the same logbook.

and if somebody is hacking your account

I recommend talking with the mods, they should be able to set up a new account for you and restore, I am not sure if the mods can do that though

but make sure that somebody is hacking you and it is not just your friend

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No only me and I only use in the Ipad and nobody use my account

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I only have shared in my Ipad and my iphone and I only use IF ln the Ipad

This replay it shows that I have never flown with the 777lr and thats routes

Yes i prefer to contact qith mods to reset my account or my pssword again

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@Fung_Sum-sum - Please do not add replies that bears no meaning to the topic. It does nothing but clogs it up.

@Tiimmmiii - what would be your last used callsign?

VN5031 (Vietnam Airlines 5031) VVTS-EDDF

I am checking in the logbook in the iphone and i used that aircraft to check the livery nothing more else


Neither of the flights you marked looks strange in any way.
They were made from the same iPad and the same IP address as you always use.

This is not something that can be “hacked” fortunately :)
So it’s most likely someone else using your device unless you can recall making any flights like that.

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Lol 😂😂 so u are telling me that someone comes to my house during my absence and play to IF?😂 its very rare

Dont worry thanks for checking my account 😁 I reset my password thank u very much staff

I’m simply telling you the facts here. There’s no indication of anything fuzzy here. The flights were made on your device connected to the same network it always have. That’s all i can tell you.

The rest is really just pure speculation :)


I don’t want to confuse anyone, but are you wondering about the flights themselves or just about some of the airports involved?

Because if you end a flight mid-flight or the app crashes it might well write an airport you never flew to in the logbook.


My head has exploded but dont worry 😅

Good point!

If the flight ends for any reason close to an airport, it will be marked as the destination.


Really so in so stupid guy😂 I didnt remember it that u finished in the middle of flight it appears the near airport that u are😂

Guys im so sorry for wasting your time on my topic 😔


All good in the end :)

At least you don’t have to worry now!

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