STOL jets?

Hi guys quick question what are some stol jets in the game. Emb jets are not included. Thanks :)

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Oops I think I put this on the wrong subject sorry. (Derp)

There is no STOL planes in game currently maybe in the future.


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Oh are there any planes that have a little better performance like what plane has the smallest takeoff roll?

How? I never knew you could do that.

MaxSez: the only “operational” true Turbine Powered V/STOL Aircraft that comes to mind is the AV-8 (Harrier) & the Yak-141 (Freestyle). Lot’a STOL Reciprecatorers/Turbines come to mind: the C-130 & in Game, C-17 are probably the most deployed, the Russian line up come close behind.


List of STOL aircraft List of STOL aircraft - Wikipedia


What about the Citabria looking thingy (name escapes me)

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@Q400fan… MaxSez. A direct answer to your question: Wanna fly IF STOL
Take the IF C-17 or Dash-8 to 29 Palms in SoCal. Shoot touch and goes on the short runway. 2 mile Approach, Slow Final below 150k at 1 mile based on wind conditions, Set the brakes on dirty up, full flaps & reverser on touch down. Practice make perfect. Good Luck.

Thank you for the help. :)

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