Stockholm to Los Angeles

Hello everyone, this was the very first time I did a long haul flight from Stockholm Arlando to Los Angeles in the Airbus A350. Got to see some beautiful Mountain ranges near the Yellow stone National Park. Hope you like the photos and to always have fun on your journey in infinite flight.

Parked at Stockholm Terminal 2 Apron D Gate 63

Night Departure on runway 19L.

Sunrise over the Norweigan Sea

Leaving Greenland, about to enter into Northern Canada

Beautiful Sunset over the Nunavut Territory in Canada

Here I am flying over the Yellowstone National Park

Night Landing at Los Angeles on runway 25L

Taxing to my gate

Parked at Gate 154 at the Tom Bradley Intl Terminal

Flight Time: 9 hours and 50 minutes
Airbus A350-900
Scandinavian Airlines Livery
Step climbed to 42,000ft
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Beautiful Pics! I think I’m going to fly this scenic route soon.

I would suggest that you try to fly it during the day time. Makes you appreciate the scenery more.

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This picture is very close to the one i clicked

Nice one. Was this flight from Stockholm to Los Angeles?

No it was KATL-EGLL

Should probably add “yes it was even in the title”