Stockholm (ARN) to Los Angeles (LAX)

This was a Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) flight from Stockholm to Los Angeles.

Flight: SK939, A330-300. Took about 11 hours and 40 minutes due to strong headwinds.


Hey man! Next time rember to follow the guideline requiring no hud, or in screen controls to be present in the images. Thanks! 😁


Fantastic pictures! Love the mountain approach shots, they definitely show off one of my favorite approaches well.

And as the “forum police” said, next time make sure to follow the guidelines and trim out the hud and screen controls :)


I appreciate it. I thought my screenshots were pretty good - you make one little mistake on here and people just go haywire with nitpicky reprimands. If I violated the rules that badly, then just delete the pictures. Simple. @KPIT

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Yeah man, I don’t know what it is but we’re not all like that. Enjoy yourself!

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I highly suggest you take that to dms - but I will say my piece.

He never said your screenshots were bad, never said you should delete them, on the contrary, the exact opposite. I don’t feel he was being nitpicky and I really don’t feel like he was “going haywire”. He was simply trying to bring awareness to the policies of the forums so you can best contribute here in the future.

As a regular, it’s also his job to help people understand these rules.


Guess I learned my lesson. No more screenshots for me since I can’t follow the rules… @Johnny_Ringo @AsternAviation @KPIT

No, you didn’t violate them that bad. Those are the guidelines for the catagory, and you should follow them, but I doubt the topic will be closed. It’s a cool flight. I love the SAS A330, and you’re all good, don’t stress, just watch it next time…

Roger that cap’n.

No one said you shouldn’t post screenshots. I personally found them to be great! Keep up the good work, just remember to trim out certain parts that aren’t allowed next time :)

If you’d like to continue this, I’d be happy to go into pms.

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No, you’re fine. You can post photos as much as you want, just check the rules. All is good… 😁

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How? He made a small mistake, we all do, we are just making sure everyone is educated, and follows the rules since small as they might be, they are the rules…


PMS? It was never even that serious. The topic is dead and done. 🙄

That wasn’t my intention. I just wanted to point it out for future reference, but we had to divulge into a long drawn out discussion about weather or not we were nit picking…

Guys, chill. @KPIT was simply making a statement that the OP needed to follow the established format, and linked said format to help him. He never said anything about the pictures, or that it means he can’t post anymore. Just correcting a small mistake to learn from in the future. As has been said, take any arguments to PM to avoid going further off topic. Thank you.


@T.Malone thanks that really inspired me

Cool pics man sorry about the winds you know how those winds are in the Atlantic heading to the states.