Stobart Air (aka. Aer Lingus Regional) Collapses and ceases operations across Ireland

Credits: Benjamin H via Jetphotos

Poignant news this sunny morning, as Aer Lingus Staff are devastated to hear that Stobart Air, the Regional Airline that transports passengers across the Irish Remote airports with its Aer Lingus ATR-72s has collapsed due to Covid-19 and it’s trading partnership.

It’s basically the Flybe of Ireland, we were told that the company has not seen a busy flight schedule since March of 2020.

One of the most important and yet the busiest route from this Airline flew daily flights from Dublin to Kerry and Donegal, the most Northernly Remote Airport with one of the best sceneries in Ireland. In fact Donegal Airport will be mostly impacted by the airline’s closure as they have no other airlines operating there.


Really sad, hopefully Aer Lingus will manage to cope without it. I’ll miss seeing the ATRs.


Also sad for me to mention it’s everyday flights across Ireland. It always flew it’s ATR’s above my home in County Tipperary while it was bound to Kerry everyday. I will miss this wake whirling noise from the Turboprops.


Man that’s some really sad news. So gutted that Ireland’s traffic is not recovering as fast as the rest of Europe’s. I would never have thought that my trip from Dublin to Kerry in December 2019 would be my last with them, I really would’ve loved to fly with them again to Donegal.

Really hope a good liquidator will rise to the occasion.


This is really sad, hope some airline will bring those routes back into Ireland.


Very sad day for Ireland and the aviation industry. Stobart Air’s collapse is another blow to Aer Lingus who will follow the same path if the Irish Government doesn’t create a recovery plan. The sound of ATR’s flying over my house every evening is now just a memory.

photo by (me) ConorLxw


😒 Unfortunate news but it is what is is, and with the ongoing situation it is understandable. Fingers crossed someone else will rise to the challenge and take it over.


Do not fret! Emerald Airlines the upcoming new replacement for Stobart early next year was planning to purchase most of Stobart’s ATR fleet so unless someone swoops in with a better price in the meantime the ATRs will likely return!


They should store them at EIDW until next year.


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