Still worth it?

Ipad Mini 1 with spec
-Chipset Apple A5, Dual-Core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A9

  • RAM 512 MB , Internal 16GB
    Worth or not to buy for playing IF ?
    Thankyou 👍

Nope, IF requires iOS 10 at least to run and the first mini only has up to iOS 9


I could go on about the horrible ram and gpu, but the main problem is that is still on IOS9 and cant update, games don’t support older software for very long, so no way don’t get it.

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Alright thank you for the advice

Alright thank you for the advice👍

Yeah; be sure to check stats on your phone for Infinite Flight.

Whats reccomended ipad for now and cheap ?

What is your budget?

I would highly recommend an iPhone 7, which is around $450 and runs IF decently well. I even got into the XCubs2Oshkosh at low graphics without noticeable lag

$140 or more

If I were you, I’d get the new iPad, which starts at $329 USD. I have last years version, which handles IF very well, and i heard it’s just as good, if not better on the new one.

For an iPad that can run IF smoothly, I don’t think $140 is going to cut it. Especially if you want a new device.

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Nononononononononono. Don’t. Mine does not even work anymore

The things with phones is that while your running them and using your screen on the phone as your main screen it sucks. Especially without a joystick.

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Maybe a used 5th gen could cut it

I have an iPad Mini 1st gen. It barely runs with iOS 9 installed. I do however, use the IF Inflight Cockpit app on it. Works well.

didn’t I say I don’t support…

I’m using the 5th gen it’s smooth

Cheap and iPad don’t really go together.

I recommend you search for a modern Android tablet with good CPU power and memory. You can save money by not getting an OLED screen.

There are some great spec Andoid tablets out there, that will work fine, with prices lower than iPad.

If you do decide to change to a tablet with a different operating system (iOS > Android) you will need to re-purchase the IF app. The Live subscription is platform independent, so no need to purchase that again.

I am using and iPad Air (newest version) , it’s absolutely incredible. Everything is just SO smooth on IF! Starting from US$400 or so. Really worth it!