Still update problem

It’s enough for me now. The new hotfix has not changed either. My wifi is good (93%) but the tablet still crashes and has to be restarted. The simulator stops, freezes and some of the other planes can only be seen through small white boxes.

I can imagine that the developers will definitley continue to work hard on it, but l will end my sub. and not longer pay for it. It was better for a short time, but really only briefley.

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What device are you using? It may be outdated and not able to support the sim anymore.

Depending on your device you may have to adjust your graphics settings. In addition please note that seeing physical planes is a design limitation to not show all.

add. @ Chris_S

Samsung Tab SM-T590.

And l have already optmized the graphics and other settings

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The SM-T590 is known for having a very weak processor when it comes to gaming. Try turning down your settings, but in this instance your device may not be able to handle Infinite Flight anymore.

Incorrect. The Infinite Flight Performance Category recommends that your device has at least 1GB of RAM, though the devs have said that they recommend at least 2GB of RAM.

The devs never flat out said how much RAM is needed, rather they gave a recommendation based on their testing and what devices with “x” amount of RAM are able handle the sim.

Now, before this thread/posts get flagged as Off-Topic, either we wait for the OP to respond, or let a dev swing by and assist. Thank you.

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