Still the same issue of the live server


The server is working just fine for me, is your Wi-Fi connection strong?

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Yes it is strong my internet is unlimited everything works great i erases IF app multiple times and does the same thing its frustrating tbh idek whats going on

But you’ve flown multiple hours the past weeks? How?


I have but with the live server on red the whole flight

Idek How the airports load and the live server dosent works

No. If the Live Server would have been red, there wouldn’t be any online flights recorded on your account for the past weeks. But there are.


Ye but im not talking abt the past weeks im talking abt now

Because the past weeks IF was Working and all the sudden the problem came again

So it’s a problem with your service provider, which is what we’ve said :)


I check and called they said That The problem is Infinite Flight because everything is working But The thing is not working is the live server they told me that the problem is the App not them

Sorry to say but there’s no logic to that.
If that were the case, there would be a lot more users having this issue and it wouldn’t magically have started to work for you without us doing anything and now stop functioning again without us touching anything :)

They’re most likely blocking the port or similar that we use on the Live servers, which is why you’re not able to connect.


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