Still Replay crash!

Hi its one year gone in between and this issue is still exist. One replay Of five flight minimum can not be loaded it makes me insanely angry. The loading process os going on but will be not completed!!

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I usually close the app completely from the task manager than i retry again. Usually works


If a replay is taking exceeded times to load, then you might want to check you internet speed, if not that then check how much storage you have left as loading in scenery and other fun bits uses storage or as said above try restarting the app.


No!!! am talking about now a short flight! And I was waiting for ten minutes to load without success. I had already more hours group long flight was loading within half minutes.

And I use a device only for IF a xaomi invented for gaming. There is nothing on it only IF and assistant passenger.

Wait just to clarify you are saying that your replay loads fine for longer flights but with short flights it takes longer than usual?

Did u try what i said above?

I say it will not loaded at all

Ahh okay, if you read this topic you might see some correlation and will want to delete it as it’s corrupt, but other than that i’m not sure what to do, sorry.

Yes it doesn’t matter how long the flight was. If the crash is there it cannot be loaded. Its about one flight of five. Insanely disturbing

Yeah unfortunately it would be corrupt and you’d be better off deleting it, wonder if it’s a system glitch or something, not sure

i told him to try closing the app completely and then try again. it works for me. But idk if he tried or not

I’ve had a corrupt file once and tried, didn’t work but not sure in his case

maybe its not corrupted yet for him

I will try thanks ;-)

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