Still not able to update for CRJ-900 etc. Update

Hey guys.

I have been waiting for quite some time now, but nothing has happened.

I had to reset my device, ok, i did that.

I checked the app on play store, i saw the new description (added crj-900 with… etc.)

But it didnt show as purchased. I relogged in and it showed as install, it detected that i purchased it.
But when i went back to the desc. , it said the old description (added crj-700,etc…) and version 18.02.0.

How can i fix this? I really want the update.

I am using a Huawei Mediapad T3 10 with Android 7.0

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@schyllberg might be able to help you with this…


As i posted in your last topic, it’s a staged rollout. Which means it doesn’t reach everyone at the same time. So please be patient, there’s others out there just like you which haven’t received it yet.

Oh ok, thank you so much! I thought id have to contact Android to fix this.

No worries. If you haven’t received it within 12hrs, PM me :)

Ok you can now close this.

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