Still no update

I still dine have the hotfix update but apparently from what I’ve heard it hasn’t done anything

It’s making its way around the world in bunches, it’ll come sooner or later. Your patience is appreciated!


I’ve been waiting to use this update since it’s release properly for FOUR DAYS. I didn’t pay £80 to play on solo


The hotfix just came out today, are you still waiting for 20.1 (the main update)?

No I’ve got that but I can’t play it properly with other people because it crashes when other people are around before I begin pushback and when I’m filling a flight plan. From what I’ve heard this hotfix doesn’t sound promising. For me this update has been a absolute disaster

The update was working fine for me, what device are you using, on what graphic settings?

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Idk but it works on my phone but not on my ipad

I only use it on my phone to check data etc, I fly on my iPad

Have you tried the steps outlined in this guide?

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What iPad are you using?

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But how am I meant to do that if it crashes before I can?

From the home screen (you can get there, right?), navigate to settings in the bottom left corner.

I’m installing the newest ios update and see if that does anything. Probably not but it’s worth a try

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Whats your iPad model (Mini, Air, Pro) and what generation is it

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iPad mini 4, which is what I think lauda has

Sorry I meant laura, I’m a F1 fan so yeah

No what are you using. You said your using an iPad correct?

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Yes iPad mini 4 as I said

Sorry thought you were talking about Laura’s iPad. My apologies
Is it on iOS 13.5?

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Yes currently installing the newer one