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If I’m approach (TS1)…Dont I have the authority to give you an approach for a different runway than your flight plan? I was doing approach at the infamous LAX and runway 24L and 24R were empty while 25L and 25R were packed…What’s wrong with me giving you vectors to the clear runways to ease traffic for my tower controller?..Pilots of all grades in the TS1 server…Please respect the contollers and yhe airpot and it’s traffic…Cleared for the ILS 24L…Thanks forum


The biggest problem you have here is it’s the training server. Majority of pilots here don’t know or just don’t care. That’s why I stay in the expert server. Sorry about your troubles bud 😕. To answer your question…yes! Pilots must follow approach commands. That’s why I don’t bother working approach in TS1. Especially in this region. I hate having to say that.


Barely anyone listens to ATC at LAX, although why they don’t listen to your commands is probably because they set they’re flight plans for 25L/25R and don’t want to change runways.

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I know its the TS1 and its troubles…I justwant to make sure as an approach controller if have that authority

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But do I have the authority to change the runway unless after i pass them to tower. Tower changes it and makes them go around

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Well it’s TS1, no one really listens to anyone. Try regions other than SoCal, you might find pilots who listen.

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Yes. As approach, you have that authority until you hand them over.


Thank You…Quick and simple correct accurate answer without the extra…Thank you for helping me in my goal to be IFATC…


If I may offer some helpful, albeit unsolicited, advice, though I suspect you will take it otherwise, skill is not the only consideration when assessing a candidate for IFATC.

One of the other major considerations is maturity. The most skilled IF ATC controller won’t make it through the process unless we are assured of your level of maturity.

I’ve seen you post many times on IFC, and never said anything. Yet, here, again, you have the same issue you have in all your posts: you are confrontational by nature and accept not the slightest hint of dissent.

I can certainly understand your frustration with TS pilots. But that topic has been beaten to death more times than a cat on here. We get it, they don’t listen.

But, if you do intend to join, a habit of creating posts berating pilots, arguing with those who attempt to help, attempting to decree that patternwork shall not be accepted on your server, that this plane or that plane will not be accepted because it doesn’t fly into said airfield in real life, ranting on FB groups [even though unaffiliated]; these are all things that can and will be taken into account.

The simple answer to your original question here is “Yes, absolutely, you can divert them from their flight plan.”

And, yes, whenever you bring up controlling on TS, several people will reply with “well, it’s TS.” That’s just how it is. Retorting in a confrontational manner doesn’t help you with your end goal.

I suggest in future posts, you stick to asking questions, accepting the help that is offered, and allowing superfluous information pass uncommented upon.

When you open a field, don’t include a 3-paragraph dissertation on how you’ll hold the pilots’ families hostage should they run afoul of your exacting specifications. [This is hyperbole, obviously. No need to take it seriously.]

When you finish a session, don’t open a rant thread berating the pilots of the Training Server.

As I said, IFATC is meant to be a mature organization which serves the pilots of the Expert Server, not the other way around.

Yes, it’s silly for A388s to land at KNUC. But this is IF, not real life. We can’t possibly restrict every server to only those pilots that know every rule to the letter and the restrictions and standard operating procedure for every airport in the world, or we wouldn’t have very many pilots.

Before you craft your angry response, please consider this carefully. There is more to joining IFATC than skill. Immaturity can certainly disqualify you as a candidate.

I can tell you are dedicated to improving your ATC skills. I suggest you now try to dedicate some of that energy to rolling with the punches a bit more.

IFATC Supervisor/ Recruiter


Thank you very much for the Excellent Feedback. I was in no way making any complaints about TS1 or my experience…I was asking a Truly student question as I am trying to enjoyy IF and provide the best ATC Services I can while learning…My apologies if this post came off as a rant…lol

Oh by the way I’m twsting the waters with approach…so no pun intended😂

Fair enough. I was referring not simply to this post, but several of the others that have preceded it.

I can tell, as I said, that improvement is a goal, and that’s admirable.

I just don’t want you to forget that’s not the only side of it.

Good luck


Here’s some proof of training server shenanigans a few minutes ago at WSSS. It was like a free for all or kill the man with the ball!

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End of Rant!

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When that happens (players taking off in a row) I presume they are playing as a group and communicating offline so kind of just deal with it until they have flown away to annoy another controller…


True…Lessons to be learned…lol

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