Still lagging at above region weather

Hello. I’m using Oppo F21 Pro (8gb Ram, 112gb Free Space), and yet I’m facing the same lag issue as before when going above a certain height. If I look down it’s fine but if I look straight or above the FPS drops dramatically.

I’ve tried reducing the graphics settings but to no avail.

I know this issue was brought up before (and supposedly fixed) but it still remains despite being pretty sure my device is well capable of handling the graphics and other performance criteria.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hey Mate,

Check out this topic i linked below for some more information

Cheers, Rye.

Unbearable fps drop at 22.1

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Hey there. I’m aware of this topic but it doesn’t really solve the matter for me. I’ve tried doing all the potential solutions mentioned there but nothing seems to fix it. It’s actually after reading this topic that I thought I’d raise another support topic for the same.

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