Still lagging after lowering texture quality settings

hello everyone… about a week or 2 ago, i was experiencing lag everytime im on final ONLY at a 3D airport, i lowered my texture settings and its still kind of lagging, btw, before when i lowered the settings, the lag got worse. is there anything else that i can do?

i have a Iphone 11

Hello, have you set the Frame Rate limit to 30fps as well? Have you tried lowering your aircraft count to Low or None under the Live Settings?

As always, it is strongly recommended that you close Infinite Flight and reboot your device in between flights. Try eliminating running background apps, disable GPS features and auto updating for apps and emails too since they constantly look for new information to push to your device.

my frame rate is 30 fps… i dont know if the live plane count is gonna work because i landed at a 3d airport where it lagged, and theres only like 2 players on the tarmac

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You should be able to run 21.1 on medium to high settings with an iPhone 11. You must have some things going on in the background that are taking up RAM resources. I mentioned some likely causes on my previous response. Email, GPS services like Google Maps, Location Services, and the App Store are constantly fetching data which could impact your experience.

i actually cleared my ram and it did nothing

Is this happening on WiFi or Cellular or both?

Do you have anti-aliasing turned on?

i have it off

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i havent tried celluar yet

It’s an iPhone 11, for the most part, depending on the device/battery condition, it should be able to run at Medium to High settings at 30fps with Anti-Aliasing enabled. If it were an iPhone 7 or 8, not so much anymore.

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i wonder if reinstalling the game would fix the lag, other than that, i cant think of anything else that would fix my lagging issue

I’ve been having the same issues too. While descending, when i go below FL250, or FL200 (without cirrus clouds), the device starts dropping from 30fps to around 10 fps during approach or landing. This also applies to takeoff as well, but on cruise the fps stays at 30.

it only does it while landing, it does not lag when i take off

Im really hoping that they will push performance improvements soon.

is there like a moderator that i can speak to than can help me with this issue?

i just did another test flight with the texture settings lowered and its still lagging, i really need help fixing this

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Man same here everyone.

what device are u on

Motorola G Stylus (2020), 4GB RAM, Snapdragon 665

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