Still hope in Playground

Today i was controlling in KNUC for about 45 min, but didn’t expected that some pilots will listen as always.
I got really surprised that everyone was listening and understanding every command i was giving them. The pilots knew what they where doing from sequencing to aborting takeoff’s and giving each others space in both ground and air. As someone who is preparing for his practical test i was satisfied for the first time being a controller in SoCal.


Your luck will run out!


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Sometimes you get days like that and a lot of the time you get people who just don’t listen to a word you say

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I was controlling at KNUC earlier this afternoon and also had a good experience, was controlling for about an hour and half and 90 percent of people followed instructions, the ones that didn’t who had a decent amount of Xp got bombarded with repeated messages, but most of the people just got the normal remaining in the pattern confused and just departed straight out!

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You’ll find they do in London since you have to byluy the region. Because trolls won’t pay for regions.


Lucky you! today I was checking canberra and I had several strange pilots!

Probably has something to do with the fact that it is Monday. All the kids will be at school.


Boom!, you just got burned the entire universe, xD

very lucky, just in few minutes, finished a flight where i have to wait 35 minutes the pilot cleared me to land in KLAX… (see the IFSB post i have write)

Usually when I use other region I get perfect operations! It’s nice to know and have people who follow instructions and help out us ATC :)

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