Still Holding On


Hola everyone! I decided not to join the open beta, so I’m still holding on to 20.3. These are the textures I’m used to and know how to edit, so it’ll be a beeg chenge when 21.1 releases. Well, that’s my talking done, so enjoy I guess, or don’t.


Server: Expert & Solo
Aircraft: Many
Burrito: Chipotle

Here’s a Philippines Airbus A350dash900 banking away from Manila

e a s y p e a s y l e m o n s q u e e z y

This lighting was hard to edit

Freight plane and person plane

A C-130 around Oahu

Vietnam 🇻🇳 bank 🏦

Blue on blue

I’m tired and feeling lazy so the descriptions weren’t good, but e. Well, thanks for viewing, and tell if you have a favorite, or tell me that ufhdjddndbbdxbbdhdb


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Very nice pictures


I was on final and everything was looking blue
I was seeing blue over blue, blue planes…
Anyway everything was blue and I forgot how that went

Great photos!
Though you won’t regret 21.1 beta!


Yes, Philippines. If Philippine Airlines is there, it’s best phots 😍


Very cool e photos @Aviation108!


More like Easy Peasy Orange Squeezy

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Lmao of course, the best phots

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Is this a meme like the Trivago one?

Aye noice

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It was very nice, yes

Hopefully just a few more days and then 21.1 will be out!

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Yeah, though probably not in a few days lol

talk about temptation, props to you and great shots

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ooooh looking good bus108 lovely pics

And those angles are incredibly creative so well done

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Lovin the pre beta pics :)))))

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Aww, thanks!


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Nice Shots Man!!!

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I hope it’s not glitchy on my 2015 samsung tab a lol

Nice Picture

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