Still hearing ATC from departure airport

So I just left KLGA headed to KIAD.

I tuned out of KLGA tower but am still hearing it, I even tuned into a random Unicom to see if that made it stop and alas it did not.

Just trying to resolve before i get to KIAD and try to avoid ghosting.


Did you also use a command when tuning into a random airport’s unicom? If not, try it.

Yes I did, just a random report position. It worked fine but then came right back to LGA tower.

Have you tried turning off your WifI and turning it back on? If not, do it and the Unicom-thingy again.

Not yet, was hoping to not disrupt the flight. You think that might help?

It’s worth a try. Don’t worry, you won’t have any problems if you just turn it off for a couple of seconds.

ohhhh crap just realized I didn’t even have wifi on. Been flying on data…

set to airplane mode and then reconnected via wifi, we’ll see if it works :)

That seems to have fixed it but now seem to have the issue where ATC can’t receive my calls

Thanks for the help @Starley

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