Still having problems

I’m still having problems on if, even though the servers have calmed down, My game is still crashing every time I try and play

Hi there!

Is your app crashing as soon as you open Infinite Flight?

Developers are currently aware of increased crash rates & are hard at work to resolve these issues as soon as possible;

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Ok thank you, but the problem for me is when I’m in the game after around 10 minutes it crashes. I was just trying to plane spot at Heathrow this morning and it was doing that


I am having the exactly problem. But I will be patient for the developer to resolve this issue.

EGLL is one of the busier airports In Infinite Flight.

Give these two links a read from @Luke_M’ Post:

From what it seems, one of the crashes reproducible In Infinite Flight with the 20.1 Update occurs at busy airports/regions! If you can, start a flight from a remote airport up in Northern Canada (or some other remote place in Infinite Flight) and see if your app still crashes. Turn on ‘Low Power Mode’, Disable ‘Anti-Aliasing’and lower your ‘Airplane Count’ and make sure to restart your app prior to a flight.

Either way, the Infinite Flight Staff and Development Team are well aware of certain crashes and are working tirelessly to try to fix these ASAP

Sorry for the trouble this has caused. Hope you’re enjoying the 20.1 Update!


I have been having the same problems, try putting all settings for planes and graphics on low

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I’m the same as I tried to start a flight at Birmingham and after filing the app immediately crashed.


Give my post above a read. In addition of that, Infinite Flight Staff are currently working tirelessly on pushing a hotfix update that will hopefully fix most of these issues

Sorry for the troubles that this has caused! Hope you’re enjoying the update a part from the crashing

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Well I was planning on flying from Heathrow to Haneda for the atc tonight but unless this is fixed by then that isn’t happening

Have they found anything to stop it?

For anyone still wondering and having issues, help is on the way soon, just hang tight!

In the meantime, reducing your graphical settings and airplane count may help to reduce the lag and crashes.

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I want to fly with atc on expert, especially at somewhere like Heathrow, but the one time there is atc there on expert I can’t fly

I can’t load the servers

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MaxSez: For the Record. Recognize Crash Problem associated with. 20.1. Suggest Banner to advise AlCon of continuing program problem fix in progress. For-Warned would preclude redundant gripes & Bloviations.
(Info: @schyllberg)


Ok so how long is this going to take?

The following tips listed above do work but my argument against that is they work but no matter what you do it still happens regardless of how long your flight is.

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