Still having Crashing Issue After Hot Fix


I was trying to do a flight from EGLL to KRDU. I got to take off and my game crashed, I had everything set to high and Airplane Count to very high because I got the hot fix update and thought I wouldn’t have that issue anymore. Also it was very upsetting because I’ve been waiting to do this flight for the longest. (Does anyone know what the problem may be?)


  • IPhone 8

  • Latest IOS update


*Rendering Quality: High

*Rendering Resolution: High

*Texture Quality: High

*Anti-Aliasing: On

*Limit Frame Rate: Checked

It may be because of the graphics… although Hotfix is out does not mean it is stable yet… it may be because of the crowded servers or a bug… in any case, I’m sure the devs are working hard to fix it

  • set resolution to Low if not needed
  • limit frame rate
  • set airplane count to 0 if not needed

Hope it might work! Enjoy the flight later @DoubleAplays


Anti-Aliasing i suggest u turn off too!

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