Still having ATC volume issues

I’ve done two flights now since the hot six and still having questionable ATC issues. On departure ATC Unicom works as expected, tou can hear other aircrafts call and your own, then upon arrival to the destination ATC works with voice voice twice then goes muted, as in you can’t hear calls anymore. Is anyone else having issues?


Yep, I’ve just left Istanbul and can’t hear any ATC at all.


had the same issues on my flight a few hours ago right after updating

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The hotfix that was sent out fixed the crashing, the ATC volume issue is still something that is known and being worked on.


Do you recon we should turn ATC volume to 0, just like last time to avoid an app crash?

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The update you just received, the hotfix, it fixed the crashing so that’s not necessary.


Okay thank you!

Hello, I have a problem, the voices change their accent when they are speaking and in the same way they are silenced after speaking

I had to go into settings and reset my voice accent as well. Hopefully they will have the volume issue fixed soon as well.

I am having the same issue.

Tech Specs
iPad Air 3
iPad-os 14.3
I have installed the Hotfix (both of them)
26GB of Storage Remaining

Settings: All High Except Airplane count (medium)

What Issue is happening?

When flying both in and out of ATC controlled airports and un-controlled airports in various aircraft, I am unable to hear the ATC Volume.

Steps taken to fix the issue

Setting ATC Volume to 0 then turning back up
Restarting the APP
Restarting the Device

Thanks for working so hard on these bugs!


Same here!!!

there you go guys!

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I’m still currently having ATC issues even after the hot fix and switching voice accents.

Just departed from LAX and was hearing ATC at first. Cant hear it anymore.