Still had the same long haul crash bug IOS

They said it was fixed.

In 19.4 the crashing was because a memory leak

That was fixed

In 20.1 there is something new, that is under investigation

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Uhhh rip iOS users

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😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 (unclear sentence)

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Just do this and you should be fine

Respect from the Android community



iOS 13 you little you think I would say a bad word?

That doesn’t solve the problem, I can do any shorthaul but longhaul i cant

Pretty much!

And make sure you are going to in UN popular places so the game loads less aircraft

I can handle busy, i was at YSSY yesterday

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My phone can not 😂

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We have a hotfix coming soon to fix some of the in-app crashes. The long haul memory leak is fixed in 20.1 (as others have said). Thank you for your patience with this :)


So all problems should be fixed soon?

Ah ok so it is fixed but not in the app yet? Can’t wait!

I just got back from a 6 hour flight from jfk to Heathrow and the damn thing crashed. I need to upgrade my 6th gen iPad

See above :)

I hope it is a different bug because it felt awfully similar to the “fixed” bug

New releases always bring a collection of different issues. We try and squash all that we can during our beta testing phase, but some aren’t noticeable until more people get their hands on it.

There’s nothing on our end to indicate this crash is the same as before (a consistent memory leak), but we have crash logs for other common issues found in Monday’s update, which we will push in the form of a hotfix update


Has this been fixed yet? Will this be fixed by tonight?