Still had the same long haul crash bug IOS

As I was turning final for LAX after 13 hrs… what can I do to stop it? This seems almost identical to the one that was happening before…

Device is a 2018 iPad with latest IOS


Do short haul at places were nobody goes to

Just do that, and when it is fixed, 👍👍👍

They said it was fixed.

In 19.4 the crashing was because a memory leak

That was fixed

In 20.1 there is something new, that is under investigation

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Uhhh rip iOS users

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😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 (unclear sentence)

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Just do this and you should be fine

Respect from the Android community



iOS 13 you little you think I would say a bad word?

That doesn’t solve the problem, I can do any shorthaul but longhaul i cant

Pretty much!

And make sure you are going to in UN popular places so the game loads less aircraft

I can handle busy, i was at YSSY yesterday

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My phone can not 😂

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We have a hotfix coming soon to fix some of the in-app crashes. The long haul memory leak is fixed in 20.1 (as others have said). Thank you for your patience with this :)


So all problems should be fixed soon?

Ah ok so it is fixed but not in the app yet? Can’t wait!

I just got back from a 6 hour flight from jfk to Heathrow and the damn thing crashed. I need to upgrade my 6th gen iPad

See above :)

I hope it is a different bug because it felt awfully similar to the “fixed” bug