Still getting freezing when taxiing out

iPad Air 2
iOS 11.0.4

After downloading the latest build I am still having the app freezing on me randomly for about 10 seconds. This happened twice, when taxiing out - was playing with weight/balance and the route for about 30 minutes before moving, and also not too long after takeoff.

Rendering quality - medium
Rendering resolution - high
Anti-aliasing - off
Limit frame rate - off
Airplane count - very high (there were a few aircraft visible on the map but nothing on the field I took off from)

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Have you closed all your other tabs?

Yes I always start IF after I close all other apps.

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Ok thanks. It is beyond me then.

What about:

Limit frame rate - ON?

Its a common issue, I have it happen on my Air 2. I keep everything on full though, sometimes it stops for a few days.

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Word of advice switch The rendering resolution to medium or low it’ll really help and the airplane count to low. Disable the option that shows the airport names as you fly by. The less your device as to compute the better and smoother your flights will be

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this is also happening to me on my iPad pro even with the latest IF build

It’s not a big issue and it seems it happens less often, I don’t really care in all honesty. Haven’t had an app crash while flying yet so I’m pretty thankful. Appreciate the suggestion though :)

Same thing happened to me, happened several times on the ground and again during takeoff roll. In my opinion it actually feels worse since the hotfix…

I did switch rendering resolution to medium and I was still getting freezing as well as lag. After updating to the latest version I wasn’t getting any lag just freezing, now after switching rendering resolution to medium I am getting lag.

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