Still don't have 22.6

Dose anyone else still not have the update in the app store?

IPad air 5th gen
Ipados 15.6.1

Hey there!

You needn’t worry about the update not coming to your device yet - that can take some time, usually, allowing up to 24h since the update is announced is a good rule of thumb. Rest assured, though, that you won’t be left out from the 22.6 update as long as you meet the system requirements (which haven’t changed between 22.5 and 22.6), so you will get it eventually and you will be able enjoy all the cool new stuff there is!

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Are you connected to the Internet? - if not the App Store will not update the app.

When you search up IF on the app store have you clicked into it? When I searched it up earlier the app just said “open” then when I clicked into it, it said “update”

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