Still crashing

After the latest update the simulator has started crashing again and again


Hi there, have you tried reducing your graphic settings in app?

Could you list your device? How much storage you have? Graphic settings?

Have you tried clearing the Scenery Cashe? JKJK

I suggest turning down the graphic settings, especially even you have them all on high. When I first got open beta it crashed a lot and was pretty slow, so I turned all the settings down. After I downloaded the actual update, it runs a bit smoother and I have turned everything up to high. I suggest you start by turning off anti-aliasing if you have it on, that can make a device run slow. Next, make sure to limit the fps to 30 as 60 might make the device run slower. Then, just mess around with the other graphic settings until you get it just right!

Can you be a little more descriptive please?

  • What device are you on?
  • When you say crash what do you mean? A message that says IF has stopped working or does it just close with no message
  • What were you doing when it happens?
  • What have you done to try to fix it? (Restart, reboot, etc?)

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