Still crashing

IF is still crashing for me even after the hotfix. i have tried everything: reinstalled the app, turned all the graphics down to low, airplane count off, and turned off taxiways (which helped a little bit but not much). when i fly the 777-200 online my flight will only last around 20 minutes before freezing for a few seconds then crashing. however, when i fly solo this does not happen. I use a ipad air which has 6 GB of ram.


Hi there and welcome to the community! This is a known issue and is being worked on, posting about the issue won’t fix it any quicker. :)


Hi @Cameron_Schreiber! Welcome To The Infinite Flight Community!

I was in a post once, regarding this, a staff told us that when they tested it out, this did not show up for them. Now I know that the servers where packed, and the staff are probably trying to fix this situation out. Hopefully this can help you. :)

-Julian K.

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Hey there can we know whay device your using again?

I do not think it is the device… but ya never know!

My device seems to be doing good with IF after the horfix so it may well may be that ;). I turned airplane count to medium and left everything else max. I have an Ipad (2018) works really good

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Thats why I would like to know his device to check the compability

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Ok go ahead! :)

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Uh even the newest Ipad Air’s dont have 6gb of ram… They have 2. So i don’t think the older ones will have more. My ipad also has 2gb, and i can do 15 hour+ flights now, which is much more then what i could do before. Could be a combination of things causing you to freeze, having apps opened in the background, not clearing your scenery cache and soft reseting your device before every flight. Or not doing a combination of everything, airplane count low, low graphics, render quality low, or at least lowered, and avoiding busy airports, but genuinely i don’t think that’s the issue, depending on where you are flying and what not, you may just not have enough space on your device, so instead of it doing what it does, it kills the app. Maybe try deleting unnecessary things off your device and try again.


ok, thanks everyone

PLS! Stop with the “still crashing” topic. The devs know about this and are working on it. The servers are booming after the 20.1, so it might be a little unstable.

I trust the devs to deliver a full fix to it, if not a minor one that reduces crash rates. Continually talking about it won’t help (I wish it would) but it won’t.

btw, welcome to the IFC!

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